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Drinking Water


Good Water Life

Challenge 01

Drinking Water!


Coffee Is Not Water!
Coffee is an acidic liquid acting as a diuretic that causes dehydration.
After drinking coffee, make sure to drink more water!


Tea Is Not Water!
Tea is also a diuretic, so make sure to hydrate your body after drinking it!
Also, tea has pharmacological effects, which means its long-term use is better to be avoided.


Soft Drinks Are Not Water!
Processed beverages are made of various additives added in purified water.
Additives are not good for your health, so do not drink them often!


Drinking Water When It’s Hot?
You should drink water when the weather is hot.
Also, drink plenty even when it is cold.
Because cold weather requires more energy from the body.
Drink plenty of water regardless of the weather, for nutrient transport, waste removal, and immunity!


Drinking Water When Thirsty?
Don’t wait until you're thirsty!
To avoid dehydration, make sure to drink regularly at set times!


Do You Find Yourself Not Drinking Water Because It Doesn’t Taste Good?
If you find it difficult to drink tap water or purified
water, you'd better drink magnesium-enhanced alkaline mineral water known for its smaller water particles and good taste!