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Red Ginseng
Extract Life



  • Intro Korea's special product 'Red Ginseng Extract Life' is
    a health functional food certified by the Ministry of
    Food and Drug Safety.
    It is upgraded red ginseng with minerals
    based on the technology of Mineral Maker.
  • 5+2 functionality in 1 pack The 5 major functions of red ginseng (improvement of
    immunity, fatigue, blood flow through inhibition of
    platelet aggregation, memory, and antioxidation) and
    the 2 major functions of zinc (necessary for
    normal immune function and normal cell division) are
    filled in 1 pack.
  • 100% Korean 6-year-old red ginseng The ripening period of ginseng is
    6 years when the content of
    saponin and ginsenosides are enriched.
    Red Ginseng Extract Life is made with
    100% Korean 6-year-old red ginseng,
    a special product of Korea.


  • Ginsenoside 12mg Ginsenoside is a major active ingredient that shows
    the function of red ginseng, and the higher
    the content, the higher the content of red ginseng.

    Red Ginseng Extract Life contains 12mg
    of ginsenosides Rg1, Rb1, and Rg3, and
    can help ① improve immunity ② fatigue ③ blood
    flow through inhibition of platelet aggregation
    ④ memory improvement, ⑤ antioxidation.
  • Zinc Mineral 3.4mg Zinc is an important mineral , necessary for normal
    immune function and normal cell division in our body.

    Red Ginseng Extract Life contains 3.4mg of zinc minerals,
    ① necessary for normal immune function.
    ② necessary for normal cell division.
  • Carefully selected Sub-Ingredients from Mineral Maker. By carefully selecting supplementary ingredients,
    ‘Red Ginseng Extract Life’ is made
    with a soft and rich taste.


  • Health Functional Food
  • GMP Certification
  • FSSC22000
  • Made in Korea



When you must intake!

  • - When, where, when anyone wants to take care of their health
  • - When you want to boost your immunity
  • - When you often feel tired in your daily life
  • - When you need constant fitness management
  • - When normal immune function is needed
  • - When Zinc supplementation is necessary
  • - When you want to live an active life

How to eat and store

  • - Daily 1 Stick
  • - Easy to open and intake immediately hygienically
  • - Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature


  • - Out-Package(1 Box): 29x20x4cm
  • - In-Package(3 Boxes):8x15x3.5cm
  • - Stick(30 Packs):2.5x14cm

Content Weight

  • - Out-Package(1 Box): 360g/30 Sticks
  • - In-Package(3 Boxes):120g/10 Sticks
  • - Stick(30 Packs):12g/1 Stick