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Brand Story

Mineral Maker

Inspiration from deep in the mountains.

Mineral water that is rich in minerals was thought to be formed by the melting snow from deep in the mountains.
However, we came to realize that mineral water is not made because of snow alone, but when the water formed by melting snow
meets natural mineral stones deep in the mountains.
This realization that mineral water is created deep in the mountains gave us inspiration.

from healthy

There are top five villages in the world
people live the longest, healthiest lives
without sickness.
They are Lourdes in France,
Nordenau in Germany, Tlacote in Mexico,
Vilcabamba in Ecuador and Hunza in Pakistan.
The people there drink mineral water from
deep mountains and valleys.

The water consumed
in the world’s top five villages of longevity is
‘alkaline mineral water rich in minerals’.

becomes reality

And so we wondered,
“Isn’t there an easy and convenient way for everyone to drink mineral-rich
alkaline mineral water like that in the top five healthiest villages?”

Our question and vision came to the fruition of our ‘Mineral Maker’.
Just like a coffee maker brews coffee, Mineral Maker extracts minerals.
Mineral Maker was born as the world’s first ‘functional product brand that
produces magnesium-enhanced alkaline mineral water.’

Mineral Maker is the standard for healthy water.

Change from a dry life to a Good Water Life

“Mineral water is not a cure in itself,
but it acts as a natural remedy and works to help the body stay healthy.”
Most people are not sick. They are just living a life of unquenched thirst.
Body pain caused by this kind of lifestyle can be improved
by drinking enough mineral water.

Mineral Maker helps you effectively replenish
hydration with magnesium-enhanced
alkaline mineral water to create a ‘Good Water Life,’ where we can all live a beautiful,
energetic and healthy life.
Now, we are inviting everyone to join the Good Water Life!